Career Advisory and Capacity Building

Career Advisory

In the past, Africans were oblivious of the effect of seeking a career advisory in order to create clear career paths. In recent times, the essence has grown in multiple folds and we see Africans choosing the right careers and being competitive at them.

Career Heights has taken it as a mission to advise and guide individuals (employed or unemployed), professionals and what have you on making the right career choice and being at the top of their game. With our coaches with decades of practical and results driven experience between them, we are creating the next generation of formidable workforce.

No one should be frustrated at work cause the worst kind of frustration is that which is internal. Internal frustration comes when you (personal attributes and skills)  don’t fit the current role you occupy.

We are reducing this at a large extent offering career advisory to thousands of unemployed and employed Nigerians looking to create a clear career path for themselves and staying happy at their jobs.

We make you stand out.



Business Advisory

We provide support to results driven and goal oriented organisations in areas of organisational design, strategic planning and human resource management.

Our impressive track record in delivering is not unconnected with our unwavering commitment to follow through with all plans and to meet up with deadlines.


Capacity Building

Career Heights is one of the leading and fast growing corporate capacity building companies in Nigeria and we have come this far focused on career development and transformation, training, growth of employees and organisations. Read more.